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This quiet little town situated on the northern shore and immediately south of Split is the capital of Otok Brac and its biggest settlement (population 3301) and a thriving tourist resort popular with residents of its large shore side neighbour. Today if you wander its back streets it has the air of an aged suburb and the further you move from the harbour area the more recent the houses become, yet the town as you see it was founded during the 16th Century.

Supetar’s oldest buildings are concentrated around the harbour creating an pretty setting for any visiting yacht, though moorings are limited and this in itself is one of the  pleasures of a visit to this busy harbour. Most of the restaurants and services you will need are located around the harbour on the Riva and along the promenade that runs away from the harbour to the west so are close at hand whether you arrive in your own boat or by means of the ferry from Split.

Perhaps the most prominent building in the old town is the parish church of Sv Petar after which the town is named. This impressive Baroque church is located of the south-east corner of the harbour and is surrounded by the fragmentary remains of an early basilica probably built during the late Roman period and most visible as a series of mosaics that survive both on the forecourt of the church and in an alley that runs along its northern side. The small town museum is also located in the same square.

A visit to Supetar, though not on the normal Yachtie itinerary is well worthwhile, the town is busy but relaxed with a constant flow of traffic coming and going through the ferry terminal and the streets around the harbour team with visitors. Enjoy the walks around the harbour and along the shore, swim on the beaches then return in time for an early evening drink in one of the cafes whilst you are treated to one of the better sunsets in the Adriatic. Once the sun is gone you can then take advantage of the nightlife and the varying restaurants along the Riva.