Welcome to the Home of Sailing in Croatia, the website of the Croatia-International Yacht Club. The club is a virtual one and from our website we aim to provide the best information for those travelling to or sailing in Croatia, with reviews of destinations, restaurants and cafes, marinas, anchorages and harbours. We also aim to provide advice to anyone who wants it who is considering sailing in Croatia either for the first time, or having fallen in love with the Adriatic coast, is making a return visit.

We hope you find enough here to capture your imagination and to plan your sailing visit to Croatia, with over 1000 islands and hundreds of miles of coast line there are still great places to discover and you can start your Croatian sailing adventure right here where we hope we can help you to find out what is good and what is not from the comfort of your won computer and before you need to make the tough decisions on the water: this anchorage or that harbour, this restaurant or that cafe.

Croatia-International Yacht Club currently carries out one cruise per year to gather new information for the site. Consequently we rely on you to send your comments and reviews to us. Comments can simply be a short statement of enjoyment or displeasure. If you want us to add a location or facility we will need more information and photographs and a fuller review (see our submissions pages).

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We rate sites on the basis of 1 to 5 ‘Croatian Flags’  The more flags the better. You can find a full explanation of our rating system on our Croatia Flags page. If you are sending either a comment or a review it is very important you send us your rating of the service or location you are commenting on too.

Written for sailors by sailors: we aim to provide the best, most comprehensive guide to sailing in Croatia, the Adriatic Coast and the Dalmatian Islands. We fill that vacuum that exists between the sailing pilots and guides and the shore based travel guides, providing information and reviews of marinas, restaurants and attractions that those sailing in Croatia might visit.

Written for travellers by travellers: what is good for those sailing in Croatia will also suit many travelers visiting Croatia, we include details of many attractions, not just those accessible by sea. There are very few places in Croatia that you can get either solely by yacht or solely by foot. If you are planing a trip to this fantastic country then this site is the place to start, for recommendations, travel ideas and itineraries.

Written for you and by you: the Croatia-International Yacht Club makes no charge for access to the information in its pages about sailing in Croatia, but it relies on you - the sailors and travellers - to submit recommendations, advice, itineraries and information about places you have found and enjoyed (or otherwise). Please click here to comment, or submit an article.

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