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The Croatian currency is the KUNA, each Kuna is divided into 100 LIPA.

While the history of the Kuna dates back to the independent Croatia of 1941-1945, the current currency replaced the Yugoslav Dinar in 1994. The name Kuna translates as ‘Martin’ which refers to a type of mink-like ferret the pelt of which was highly prized in the middle ages and was used a form of coinage for trade.

Notes are issued in  a wide range of denominations starting at 5 Kuna (approximately €0.66 or £0.68) all the way through to 1000 Kuna (approximately €136 or £131). Coinage ranges from 1 lipa (an almost redundant unit) through to 5 Kuna.

You will find that banks will accept most major currencies (though  we have had trouble with Scottish bank notes) and travelers cheques. It is worth shopping around as there are many agencies and currency exchanges and the exchange rates can vary considerably. In almost all places that have a bank you will also find ATMs which except international cards (particularly VISA and Mastercard).

In larger towns and cities (particularly Dubrovnik) some businesses will accept US Dollars and Euros directly offering an exchange rate for goods and services. This tends to be the case in locations where large cruise ships dock.

The table below offers a comparison of major currencies against 1 Kuna. There are also two tools for helping you calculate currency value.

5 Kuna

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Currency Conversion Table


HRK = Croatian KUNA

EUR = European EURO

GPB = British POUND


CAD = Canadian DOLLAR

AUD = Australian DOLLAR

NZD = New Zealand DOLLAR

ZAR = South African RAND


Currency Conversion Tools

Current exchange rates (one currency against another) and historical currency graphs for a wide rage of currencies.

(Historical request links to an external site)

Current exchange rates for any sum for a range of major currencies