This area is for ITINERARY submissions, reviews or comments on an existing reviewed routes for sailing in Croatia.

Where your suggestion is for a new ITINERARY it should include where possible a narrative text as well as much as possible of the detail we list concerning facilities.

Please also remember to include where appropriate a Lat Long reference for Way Points, a photograph and any contact information that is relevant as well as some sort of a map that we can use to confirm the details of your route.

Where you are making a comment on an already listed facility then the narrative is enough - though any corrections or additions to the listed data can also be sent through.

Remember to send your FLAG rating if you are reviewing an existing itinerary.

As with all submissions we reserve the right not to post or to edit content.


Terms and Conditions

Please read this before submitting any reviews news or comment - any submission sent will be made on the following basis.

  1. 1.Where your submission is appropriate we will post it as soon as possible but offer no guarantee of how long this may take.

  2. 2.Any accompanying photograph should be less than 2mb in size and should be in JPEG (.jpg) format.

  3. 3.Please avoid sending more than 2 photographs with each item. (We can always ask you for more)

  4. 4.While we will endeavor to post all submissions sent to us we cannot guarantee to do so.

  5. 5.We retain the right to edit any material sent to us before posting it.

  6. 6.We will also accept corporate NEWS or REVIEW submissions and will post them unless they are blatantly attempting to advertise a product or service without offering news or information about that product or service.

  7. 7.Remember to submit the name or initials you wish your review to be posted under - if we have no name we will use the first part of your email address - we cannot accept anonymous reviews

  8. 8.Please leave the title we have put in the SUBJECT line so we can easily spot it in our inbox - you can however add to it.

  9. 9.Remember to send your flag ratings - the flag rating displayed on the site will be based on an average of those ratings received by us. Again we reserve the right to exclude a rating where we feel it is to hard or generous or not deserving on the basis of the comment supporting it.

  10. 10. Any editorial decision we take will be final

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