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Articles of the Week Archive

This is the archive of previously posted Articles of the Week for sailing in Croatia in 2009. They are listed here by the date they were posted. The ‘read more’ button will take you on to the full article. If you want to suggest an article which should be highlighted on the Home Page as an ‘Article of the Week’ contact us.

Previous Articles of the Week

Photos - Komiza, Otok Vis

Photos from the port of Komiza at the western end of the Island of Vis. Images include the harbour and streets as well as buildings of interest and also views of the town from the Island’s highest point, the mountain of Hum...



23rd October 2009

Anchorages - Telescica Nature Park

Situated on the west side of Luka Telascica at the southern end of Dugi Otok, this bay offers good shelter from the Sirrocco and a welcome and tranquil break after the barren, beautiful harshness of the Kornati National Park. This side of the bay has been declared a Nature Park and has much to offer...


16th October 2009


6th October 2009


Harbours - Zaklopatica, Otok Lastovo

Whether you consider this idillic bay a harbour or an anchorage it is a must visit. Located on the northern shore of the remote island of Lastovo it is one of the great secrets of the yachting  fraternity of Croatia...


26th September 2009


Itineraries - 3 Restaurants and 5 Islands

This route gives you a comfortable cruise around the islands offshore Split and to the south of Kremik. Along the way you have the opportunity to eat a two 5 Flag and one 4 Flag restaurant, each located in its own fascinating ...


19th September 2009


Marinas - ACI Vrboska

Located on the northern shore of Hvar to the east of Starigrad, this marina gives excellent access to the northern side of this historic island, with its Roman, Greek and Illyrian history as well as its Medieval architecture and its 19th century Lavender industry...


8th September 2009


Hints and Tips - fuel berths

  1. 1.Its not unusual for a marine fuel berth to be serving cars as well (and at the same time)

  2. 2.Moor up stern-to or alongside depending on where your fuel tank filler cap is. The marine pumps have a long reach but if your fuel tank is amidships it is still easier to come alongside - however always follow...


Hints and Tips - Cruising on a Budget

Avoid marinas unless absolutely necessary for the services they offer. In the scale of things the cost of mooring is probably going to be the biggest expense you have after the charter fee. Moorings get cheaper in the following order:

  1.     a. Marinas in big towns (Split, Dubrovnik etc)

  2.     b. Marinas in small towns and islands...


10th November 2009

1st December 2009

Marinas - ACI Trorgir

ACI Trogir is located on the shore of Otok Ciovo on the opposite side of the channel (and just a short, 10 minute, walk) from the historic town of Trogir. The town itself is a tourist centre and is famed for its medieval streets, its cathedral (the view from its tower is fantastic) and its later medeival fortifications including the Kamerlengo Castle and St Marc’s Tower....


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4th December 2009

Itinerary: Three Parks and One River

Heading north from the Split/Kremik area you find considerably different coastline than that to the south. This route takes you through the small, rural islands that make up the National Park of Kornati and Nature Park of Telascica.

These two parks make an interesting counterpoint to each other. Kornati - the better known of the pair - is declared a park for its wild and rugged beauty...


16th December 2009

Harbour: Korcula Town Quay

Located on the northern shore of Otok Korcula at the eastern end of the Peljeski Kanal opposite the Peljesac Peninsula, the walled town of Korcula is one of the tourist jewels of the Dalmatian coast along with Dubrovnik, Hvar and Split and is a ‘must-see’

The town has a popular ACI Marina on its east side but also has a harbour know as the Town Quay on its west side...


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