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This is the archive of previously posted Articles of the Week for sailing in Croatia in 2010. They are listed here by the date they were posted. The ‘read more’ button will take you on to the full article. If you want to suggest an article which should be highlighted on the Home Page as an ‘Article of the Week’ contact us.

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5th January 2010

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Anchorages: Fortress Sv. Nicola, Sibenik

This fortress is situated at the mouth of the Kanal Sv. Ante, the approach to Sibenik, on its southern side. While it is possible to reach it over land on foot most visitors arrive by water. Turning south into the bay on the landward side of the fort it is possible to anchor on its southern side in depths of 2-10 metres. From here it is either a short swim or tender-ride to the small dock by the fort’s eastern entrance.

Articles from:  2009    2010     2011    2012     2013

25th January 2010

Gallaries: The Church of Sv. Marija, Vrboska

Though primarily constructed during the 15th Century, at a time when much of the Dalmatian coast was threatened by the activities of Turkish corsairs (pirates) the Church of Sv Marija (St Mary), Vrboska, on Otok Hvar, is an excellent if unusual example of a fortified church. Designed as a retreat for the town’s folk, its walls tower high above the square in which it sits, and its roof offers excellent views across the northern shore of Hvar...


1st February 2010

Hints and Tips: Crew Change-overs
  1. 1.Plan ahead.

  2. 2.Get photocopies of the incoming crew’s passports before you depart - you will need to give them to your charter company so they can include them on the manifest for boat and charge for the requisite tourist tax (THIS IS A LEAGAL REQUIREMENT)

  3. 3.Consider where the changeover will occur. Do you need to get to a mooring near an airport - Split or Trogir for instance...


8th February 2010


Credit crunch aside we still want to get a least a week’s sailing in Croatia in the coming summer. In July of 2009 we offered hints and tips for keeping the budget to a minimum while still enjoying the best that the Adriatic has to offer (Cruising on a Budget). Here is an itinerary that follows this advice and avoids marinas for a whole week while still taking you to four of the most well known and exciting islands in the central Dalmatia cruising area...

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15th February 2010

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Marinas: ACI Piskera

The only marina actually located with the Kornati National Park, this facility is found on the park’s western side. The approach - from the south is through a narrow channel that gives way to a wide but shallow bay formed between two of the islands. Depth may be an issue here. Remarkably uncrowded  - at least in June this is a quiet marina in a stunning location. It provides 120 water berths on floating pontoons on a season basis...


22nd February 2010


Located on the western side of Viska Luka, the harbour wall of Vis town is backed by a quite road and the main promenade of the town... there is usually a a member of harbour staff on hand to offer a friendly and helpful service with mooring in 3-6 metres of water and to collect fees.

This part of Vis Town is more vibrant than Kut and has a lively night life amongst the water front bars and restaurants...


1st March 2010

Cruising Croatia: Lessons learned... Part 1

Croatia, and particularly the Dalmatian Islands around Split have been our regular holiday destination for the last three years. In that time we have sat in bars and on harbour walls and watched the immense number of yachts, both chartered and private, come and go, and envied the freedoms such a holiday would offer. Yet Croatia, one of the major Mediterranean cruising destinations along with the Greek Islands and Turkey...


8th March 2010

Anchorage: Uvala Luka, Brac

Situated on the north shore of Brac near its eastern end this inlet is one of the most sheltered anchorages in the area offering excellent all round protection from just about any weather (though some easterlies can create a swell in the bay). The location itself is pleasant and well off the beaten tourist track. The bay offers opportunities to anchor, moor on buoys (Seven buoys with anchors of 2.5 tonnes. Two with anchors of 4 tonnes - fee payable on all)...


16th March 2010

Places: Otok Hvar

Today (and for many years) Hvar has been seen as the most ‘trendy’ or ‘chic’ destination in the Adriatic. Most (if not all) of this focus has been on Hvar Town on the Island’s south shore, yet Otok Hvar has so much more to offer. While a visit to Hvar Town is an absolute must in any tour of Dalmatia, it is well worth allowing the time to visit some of the Island’s other spots, Vrboska, Jelsa and Starigrad...


23rd March 2010


Pictures of the remains of the defended church and monastery of Sv Nicola which lies above and to the north of the town of Komiza on Otok Vis. This site has been heavily modified and images include details of changes to the buildings, the exterior of the church, its setting and the three extensive trace Itallien bastions...


12th April 2010

  1. 1.Saturdays (or any designated hand-over day) are a refined form of chaos in most charter bases. Staff are frantically busy and at the same time desperately trying to be helpful.

  2. 2.Establish with your charter company what time you might expect your yacht to be ready (ie generally Sunsail Kremik would tell you between 15:00-16:00) and if you are left with free time head away from the charter base...


19th April 2010


A couple of km north of the bay containing the town and harbour of Milna on the western shore of Brac you will find the narrow inlet of Uvala Bobovicse. Running inland this inlet forks with potential anchorages to the north (port as you enter) and the town and harbour to the south (starbord as you enter).


27th April 2010


Slipping moorings early and overcoming the initial adrenalin rush of taking the helm of somebody else’s 37 foot, £90000, 18 month old boat and being told “see you in 7 days”, we nosed out of Kremik and turned south-east for the islands of Drvenik, Solta and Brac. My aim was to keep the distances to less than 25 miles a day...


7th May 2010


Located in the bay of Zaklopaticsa on the island of Lastovo, Augusta Insula is a busy establishment with its own micro-marina that offers full service (water and electricity) to patrons of the restaurant. Service is excellent and friendly with one of the proprietors on hand to l help you moor against their well appointed pontoon...


18th May 2010


On the north shore of Otok Hvar near its western end is the large inlet of Uvala Pribinja. This bay has two arms, to the west is the harbour of Vira, almost entirely occupied by large commercial fishing boat with little or no space for private craft. The eastern arm provides an excellent, sheltered anchorage in a very pleasant surrounding.


24th May 2010


This is an odd one for the sailors, 10 nm inland, but venture upstream from the port of Sibenik (itself well worth a visit) to the ACI Marina at the Town of Skradin and from there catch a waterbus for the last mile or so into the National Park of Krka and you will be transported to a different world of waterfalls and greenery.


31st May 2010

  1. 1.Stern-to or bow-to, either is generally unfamiliar to those coming from outside the Mediterranean sphere.

  2. 2.First off practice reversing the boat. First day, first lunch stop, before you drop the anchor or pick up a buoy, stop, put it into reverse and get a feel for the boat going backwards...


7th June 2010


(3) Approaching the summit of Mount Hum (2) at the apex of one of the tight left hand bends you will pass an un-signposted set of steps leading off up the middle slopes of the mountain towards the north. This

is the access to the former Headquarters of Marshall Tito during the end of 1943 and early 1944...


19th July 2010


Split is a World Heritage Site, listed primarily for Diocletian’s Palace and its Roman heritage, but it also has a fantastic network of medieval streets and many shops targeting tourism. In addition the city is a major travel hub with an international airport, bus connections and also a ferry port that serves many...