Otok Hvar


Sailors approaching Hvar from the north (Split/Brac) and northwest (Primosten and Solta) make land fall between Rt. Pelegrin and Stari Grad, from Korcula heading generally towards either Sucuraj or Hvar Town, or from Vis primarily towards Hvar Town. Approaches from Korcula are the longest though event the journey to Vrboska from Korcula Town (around 40nm) is achievable in a long day.

Generally Hvar is a long island with few great stops on its north or south shores at its eastern end so planing carefully is important. However it is gifted with two excellent ACI marinas at Palmizana and Vrboska, at the island’s west end and great harbours at Hvar Town, Stari Grad, Vrboska and Jelsa to the west and Sucaraj to the east (definitely worth a visit).

The Pakleni Islands and Scedro offer a number of anchorages if the conditions are correct and one or two places that have good all around shelter. There are also possibilities to an anchor at Hvar Town, Stari Grad and Vrboska.

Outside these areas there are a number of other anchorages along the north and south shores of the island, however care should be taken in most as they tend not to offer all round shelter. One obvious exception is Uvala Pribinja which is an excellent place to stop with a great restaurant as well.


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  1. 1.Fuel Berth (Hvar Town)

7. Fuel Berth (ACI Vrboska)

  1. 1.Ferries to Split, Vis and Korcula (Foot passengers) - Hvar Town

  2. 6.Ferries to Split, Vis and Korcula (Cars) - Stari Grad

10. Ferries to Drevnik (Cars) - Sucuraj

Major Navigational Aids

  1. a.Rt. Pelegrin - Fl. (3) W. 10s. 21m 8M

  2. b.Hr. Baba (entrance to ACI Palmizana) - Fl. (2) W. 10s. 7m. 4M

  3. c.Otok Jerolim - Fl. R. 3s. 12m. 4M

  4. d.Otok Pokonji Dol - Fl. W. 4s. 20m. 10M (Photos)

  5. e.Rt. Galijola (entrance to Uvala Pribinja) - Fl. W. 2s. 8m. 6M

  6. f.Otok Galisnick (entrance to Hvar Harbour) - Fl.G. 3s. 11m 5M

  7. g.Otok Vodnjak Veli - Fl. W. 6s. 31m. 9M

  8. h.Rt. Kabal - Fl. (3) V. 10s. 21m. 8M

  9. i.Ferry Pier Stari Grad - Fl. (2) G. 5s. 7m. 4M

  10. j.Otok Zecevo - Fl. W. 5s. 11m. 5M

  11. k.Vrboska - Fl. W. 2s 5m. 5M.

  12. l.Jelsa - Fl. R. 3s. 6m. 5m.

  13. m. Sucuraj Lighthouse - Iso. W. 4s. 14m 11M (Photos)

Way Point (check before use)

Entrance to Hvar Harbour - 43.10’ 00”N 16.26’ 00”E

Entrance to Stari Grad Harbour - 43.13’ 40”N 16.31’ 00” E

Entrance to Vrboska/Jelsa Harbours - 43.10’ 30”N 15.42’ 00” E

Entrance to Sucuraj Harbour - 43.07’ 30”N 17.11’ 00” E

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