Vela Luka

Vela Luka: Sailing

  1. 1.Town Harbour - reviews are on the Town Harbour Page - (Photos)

  2. 2.International Arrivals and Fuel Berth

  3. 3.Vela Luka Anchorage - reviews are on the Anchorage Page - (Photos)

  4. 4.Vela Luka Buoys - reviews are on the Buoys Page - (Photos)

  5. 5.Uvala Plitvine - reviews are on the Uvala Plitvine Page - (Photos)

  6. 6.Ship Yard (some services)

  7. 7.Local boat buoys, though this area is also marked in some guides as an anchorage extreme caution should be exercised due to a proliferation of ground tackle.

If you have had a good or bad experience sailing in Vela Luka place to visit please let us know, write a review and where possible we will post it here.


A - Fish Canning Factory

B - Ship Yards

C - Fuel Berth and Town Harbour Wall

D - Laid Moorings (under construction not complete in 2012)
E - Buoys for local boats

F - Vela Luka harbour anchorage

G - Vela Luka harbour buoys

H -  Town centre

I - Uvala Plitvine anchorage

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