The large and sheltered bay of Okuklje is found on the northern shore of Mljet towards its eastern end. The inlet has a wide mouth marked with a white flashing light on its eastern side and narrows as it heads south and inland. A green light marks the inner end of the entrance where the inlet hooks towards the west to provide sheltered moorings at private harbour walls, on mooring buoys and at anchor. The small village (really just a collection of houses) has a permanent population of only 23 and is situated on the north and west shore of the bay.

The entrance to Uvala Okuklje

The southern shore of the bay is made in-accessible to boats by a number of shallow submerged rocks and an a small island against which a harbour wall has been constructed by one of the restaurants on that side of the bay. As with Polace all of the mooring options here are affiliated to one or other of the eateries in the village and without a firm recommendation you may be taking pot luck. Your decision may come down to the fact that you do or do not need power or water or both (some have facilitates others do not) or whether you can get moored at the restaurant you were hoping to patronise.

In Okuklje Restoran Moran is consistently recommended as the best of the many eateries around the shore. During our visit however their dock was completely full (and some). Restoran Mistral locate on the southern slopes above the bay is also well recommended in some of the pilots. It has no harbour wall but does own several of the mooring buoys on the south side of the bay. If the establishment you wish to visit is short of space for mooring, or you want the control of not being committed to one establishment by virtue of where you moor there is of course the option of anchoring 6-15 metres of water in the centre and eastern part of the bay.

Restoran Maran on the northern shore of Uvala Okuklje

In the north-western corner of the bay is a narrow arm with several restaurants on it including the Camara and the Lanpalo. Though there appears to be moorings in this area care should be taken over depth as there is little space to manoeuvre in this arm of the bay an it appears to be excessively shallow for all but the most shoal draft of vessels.

Okuklje is not located within the Mljet National Park so there is no entrance fee levied. The location is no less beautiful however and the bay is surrounded by a lush arboreal canopy amongst which there are various walks leading away from the village. The bay offers good all round shelter and mooring options for all potential weather conditions.