Krka National Park

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Park Fees

Krka National Park spits the year up into three separate fee bands. The high season (June, July, August and September) is the most expensive with adult access costing 95kn and children over 7 years 70kn. Children under 7 years can visit for free. There are also various other costs for guided visits and tours as well as excursions around the site. The Skradin gate to the park is open from 0800-1800 daily

Water transfer from Skradin to the park cost s 5kn per person each direction

A full and up to date list of costs can be downloaded from the Krka National Park website

Park restrictions include:

  1. It is forbidden to bathe outside the clearly marked areas.

  2. It is forbidden to dive or fish with a speargun or harpoon

  3. Recreational fishing is allowed but a permit must be obtained.

  4. It is forbidden to hunt catch frighten or disturb wild game or other animals.

  5. It is forbidden to pick or damage indigenous plants.

  6. It is forbidden to walk dogs without a leash.

  7. It is forbidden to take photographs for commercial purposes without approval.

  8. It is forbidden to travel by motor vehicle on restricted routes without approval.

  9. It is forbidden to camp or light fires outside clearly marked camping areas.

  10. It is forbidden to dispose of rubbish or pollute rivers and springs.

A full list of restrictions can be found on the Krka National Park website.

Navigation and Mooring/Anchoring

It is not possible to navigate as far as the National Park (due to a low bridge just north of Skradin). Yachts should navigate as far as the city and either anchor up (though there are restrictions on anchoring overnight) or moor at the ACI Marina. From Skradin take one of the water taxis or regular boat services up to the park itself.

Places to eat

There are a number of restaurants located in the park itself along with bars, cafes and shops to suit most pockets and tastes. Several can be found immediately inside the Skradin entrance to the park including a bar and a table service restuarant.

If you have experience of any of the Krka National Park’s many restaurants please submit a review.

Places to visit and things to see

There are many natural and man-made things to stop and see in the park. Rare nature to observe and walks and diving to partake in. For more details visit the Krka National Park website

  1. 1.Swim beneath the waterfalls

  2. 2.Walk around the waterfalls

  3. 3.Visit the Historic Hydro Electricity Plant

If you have experience of any of the Krka National Park’s many places to visit please submit a review.

Krka National Park Website

For up to date information and more ideas about things to see visit the Krka National Park website

Detailed maps of the park (including walking trails) can be downloaded from the Park website