Park Fees

As yet there is no official word of charging visiting yachts to moor or stay overnight within the Lastovo Nature Park (as is the case for example at the Kornati National Park). While there was some discussion of this in 2008 as of the start of the season of 2010 it was still free to visit the islands.

Park restrictions

Lastovo Nature park restrictions include:

  1. Recreational fishing without the proper permits, fishing gun during the night, and hunting spear gun with the help of a bottle

  2. harvesting and destruction of flora

  3. destruction and theft of cave minerals and other structures

  4. Camping outside the designated zone

  5. lighting of fires

  6. throwing waste - both in the sea and on land (plastic bottle 450 years should be decomposed)

  7. discarding cigarette ends destruction, damage, picking or stealing any items at archaeological sites (at sea or on land), or the remains of various cultures, archaeological and fossil remains, and monuments

  8. Animal Abuse

  9. recording or taking photographs for commercial purposes without permission Facilities

For a full list of Park Restrictions and Rules (Fishing, Rubbish, Diving etc) including fines and penalties click here

Navigation and Mooring/Anchoring

Unlike Kornati National Park there are no specific excluded areas, however there is a general statement asking boats to moor (to a buoy or dock) rather than anchoring particularly in areas where Sea Posidonia grows.


Fishing within the park area requires a special permit.

Park Information

As of spring 2010 there was no forma park visitor centre or reception centre. There is a park website (including the park articles in Croatian) but as yet this is only in Croatian despite the offer of an English language option. Google translate works well with this site.

The park offices can be found in Ubli at

Nature Park Lastovo Islands

Trg Svetog Petra 7

20289 Ubli

Otok Lastovo

Places and anchorages

  1. 1.Zaklopaticsa the safest mooring and anchorage on the island (all round shelter).

  2. 2.Ubli on the Lastovo’s west shore, services including fuel and ferries- submit a review

  3. 3.Skrivena Luka, a large and popular anchorage with some issues of shelter and in places poor holding - submit a review

3. Porto Rosso,  a micro-marina and restaurant within Skrivena Luka - submit a review

  1. 4.Town of Lastovo (no sea access, see 1 or a) - submit a review

  2. a.Sv. Mihajo, harbour for Lastovo Town - submit a review

  3. b.Korito (exposed in the Bora) - submit a review

  4. c.Kuricia (no anchoring near the underwater cable here) - submit a review

  5. d.Mali Lago (includes mooring buoys subject to N and NE Bora) - submit a review

  6. e.Veli Lago (includes a ‘marina’ also subject to N Bora) - submit a review

  7. f.Jurjeva Luka on Prezeba (site of a former naval base beware of rubbish on sea bed when anchoring) - submit a review

  8. g.Lucica (exposed to the north) - submit a review

  9. h.Uska - submit a review

  10. i.Otoc Cesvinica - submit a review

  11. j.Otoc Susac  (zoom map out to view) - submit a review

Places to eat

Many of the placed listed above have restaurants or bars

  1. 1.Augusta Insula (5 flags)

  2. 1.Konoba Triton -  submit a review - in Zaclopatcisa

  3. 1.Konoba Aragosta -  submit a review - in Zaclopatcisa

  4. 1.Konoba Felicitas -  submit a review - in Zaclopatcisa

  5. 3.Porto Rosso on Skrevina Luka-  submit a review

  6. e.Hotel Solitudo  - submit a review

If you have experience of any of Lastovo’s many restaurants please submit a review.

Places to visit and things to see

There are many natural and man-made things to stop and see in the park. Rare nature to observe and walks and diving to partake in. For more details click here.

If you have experience of any of Lastovo’s many places to visit please submit a review.

Lastovo Nature Park’s Website

For up to date information and more ideas about things to see visit the Nature Park website

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