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Park Fees

In Telascica Nature Park individuals are charged by the day for their visit. In the case of visiting yachts park officials tour the anchorages collecting 60kn per person per day. Some accounts suggest that this fee includes a 1 night pass to stay in the Kornati National Park within its price, which seems like astonishing value if this is the case. As fees are charged per person it appears that anchoring and mooring is free. It is possible to fish, hunt and diver in the Nature Park though all require a permit for which separate fees are charged. Expert guides can also be hired for the park.

A full schedule of fees can be found on the Telascica Park website.

Park restrictions include:

  1. It is forbidden to throw litter or contaminate in any other way air, soil and water.

  2. It is forbidden to destroy, carry out and alienate anthropological finds.

  3. It is not allowed to exploit mineral raw material, alterate the landscape or in any other way exploit natural resources of this area.

  4. It is forbidden to pick, collect and remove from their habitat the autochthonous plants and fungus.

  5. It is forbidden to scatter, harass, disturb, catch, hurt and kill protected animal species.

  6. Recreational fishing is allowed only with previously acquired permit that is issued by Public institution (Supervisory service). The permit allows fishing with the use of the following fishing-lines: long line, kančenica, hand-troll and fishing-line with a hook for fishing squids without the use of light. Allowed bag is up to 3 kilos per permit.

  7. It is forbidden to hunt, collect and pull out shells and other sea organisms.

  8. It is forbidden to hunt with the use of the spear-fishing gun.

  9. It is allowed to moor boats at the scheduled and marked spots. Outside these spots it is forbidden to moor or anchor boats without special authorization of the Institution.

  10. The speed of the boats must be adjusted to the limitations in the Park (from the line that connects cape "Pod Poljica" and cape "Gubac" towards the back of the Telašćica bay speed must not exceed 10 knots, and in the bays where larger number of boats dwell, such as Mir, Tripuljak, Kruševica, Kučimul, Magrovica, Pod Dugo polje, Pasjak and Jaz, the speed must not exceed 5 knots).

  11. Autonomous diving is allowed only with previously acquired permit and on specific locations (Garmenjak Veliki and Mali, Korotan and Podusobine).

  12. Visitors can move around the Park only in areas and paths that are marked and intended for sightseeing and visiting.

  13. It is forbidden to camp out except in the places that are regulated for that purpose and properly marked.

A full list of restrictions can be found on the Telascica Park website.

Navigation and Mooring/Anchoring

Navigation is allowed throughout the park. The main approach to the park from the inshore waters of the coast are past Otocic Katina either through the Proversa Mala passage which is lit and buoyed and has a maximum 4.2 metres. The alternate channel Proversa Vela is unlit and has a maximum depth of 2.2 metres .

Within the park there are speed limits of 10kts once inside the the Cape Pod Poljica (the southern edge of Uvala Tripuljak) and of 5kts in mooring areas. There are three areas where moorings are laid for guests - Uvala Tripuljak, Buhaj and Pod Katina. The parks encourages people to use these moorings (which are free) but anchoring is also allowed (see the list of park’s suggested anchorages below.

The park is particularly concerned with the possibility that anchors may cause harm to sea grass beds, which are rare, but thrive and are present in the park. This damage is primarily caused by cross contamination with bacteria from other anchorages - to be sure you avoid potential harm please clean your anchor before using it in the park (read more here)

Places to moor

  1. 1.Uvala Tripuljak - reviews and information are on the Tripuljak Page (buoys or anchor)

  2. 2.Buhanj - submit a review (buoys or anchor)

  3. 3.Pod Katina -  submit a review (buoys or anchor)

Park Prefered Anchorages

  1. a.Magrovica - submit a review

  2. b.Podugopolje - submit a review

  3. c.Pasjak - submit a review

  4. d.Jaz - submit a review

  5. e.Kruševica - submit a review

1. Tripuljak (including Mir) - submit a review

2. Buhaj - submit a review

3. Pod Katina - submit a review

Other Anchorages

  1. f.Uvala Telascica  - submit a review

  2. g.Uvala Cuska Duboka - submit a review

Places to eat

Unlike the Kornati there seem to be fewer restaurants surrounding the shores of Luka Telascica. There are restaurants on the eastern shore of Uvala Telascica, at Mir on the SE edge of Uvala Tripuljak (at least 2 establishments during our visit) and on the southern side of Otocic Katina. We also noted a restaurant on the shore of the Proversa Mala during our transit there in 2008.

If you have experience of any of the Telascica Park’s many restaurants please submit a review.

Places to visit and things to see

There are many natural and man-made things to stop and see in the park. Rare nature to observe and walks and diving to partake in. For more details visit the Telascica Park website

  1. 4.Mir Salt Lake - walk, geological an ecological site of natural interest

  2. 5.Sea Cliffs (Stene) - walk, geological and ecological site of natural interest

If you have experience of any of the Telascica Park’s many places to visit please submit a review.

Telascica Nature Park Website

For up to date information and more ideas about things to see visit the Telascica Park website

A detailed map of the park (including walking trails) can be downloaded from the Park website