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Otok Sipan

The approach to Otok Sipan is either from the the south and Dubrovnik in which case you will probably be traveling NW along the Kolocepski Kanal, from the north and the area of Ston (again in the Kolocepski Kanal) or from the west and Miljet in which instance you will probably enter the Kolocepski Kanal between Otok Olipa (A) and Otok Jakljan.

From the south you will encounter the Village of Sudurad (2) first where there are a few laid moorings and a small harbour wall. If you choose to continue to Sipanski Luka (1) the route along the Kolocepski Kanal (inshore) is probably shorter particularly as the passage between Sipan and Otok Jakljan (C) is depth restricted (4.5m) and has an overhead cable of 43m. From Ston or Miljet your first land fall is likely to be the NW end of the Sipanska Luka inlet from where it is a 2.5nm trip down the inlet to Luka Town (1) where you will find a harbour wall, anchorage and some laid moorings.


  1. 1.Sipanska Luka - review -  (Photos)

  2. 2.Sudurad - be the first to review this harbour. (Photos)


  1. 1.Sipanska Luka - be the first to review this anchorage. (Photos)

  2. 2.Sudurad - be the first to review this anchorage. (Photos)

Things to see and do

  1. 3.Sv. Ilija  - Walk and view - review -  (Photos)

3. Naval Fort, Sv. Ilija - Site of historic interest - review -  (Photos)


Nearest Fuel Berth (ACI Dubrovnik)

1. Ferries to Dubrovnik (Foot/Car passengers) - Sipanska Luka

2. Ferries to Dubrovnik (Foot/Car passengers) - Sudurad

Major Navigational Aids

  1. a.Otok Olipa, Rt. Lumpar - Fl. (3). 10s. 32m. 10M

  2. b.Otok Tajan - Fl. R. 3s. 9m. 4M

1. Sipanska Luka Pier - Fl. R. 5s. 7m. 3M

  1. 2.Sudurad Harbour - Fl. (2) WR. 5s. 7m 4/2M

Major Navigational Hazards

  1. C.Passage between O. Sipan and O. Jakljan - depth restriction 4.2m - height restriction 43m. Rocks and overhead cables.

  2. 2.Approach to Sudurad - unlit island 0.9nm to east - O.Ruda. Follow  harbour light (2)

Way Point (check before use)

Entrance to Sipanska Luka - 42.46’ 00”N 17.49’ 00”E

Entrance to Sudurad - 42.42’ 45”N 17.55’ 00” E

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